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guaranteed not to leak with a 25 year guarantee

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Welcome To Thermal Roof – The Flat Roof Specialists

Transforming Your Old Flat Roof Into An Asset for your Property

Dormer Roofs

Most Dormer Roof Designs are hard to access due to their sloping profile which makes them hard to monitor by keeping an eye on them for maintaining or repairs.

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Flat Roofs

Our Flat Roof Repairs make your property fully weatherproof, insulating your roof with insulated recovery boarding. We attend to all inquiries and speedily to all roofing problems.

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Leaking Roofs

A leaking roof or old flat roof can cost you thousands due to water damage. Not just the cost of repairing the problem, but as we all know, water leaks can cause huge damage.

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  • Strong enough to walk on

  • 50 Years Life Expectancy

  • No Maintenance

  • Unique Fleece backed EPDM

Thermal Roof are Experts in the use and Installation of Flat Roof Membranes

Designed and Proven to Outlast Conventional Felt Flat Roofs & Roofing Materials

Our Flat membrane consists of a fleece-backed EPDM rubber that is designed and proven to outlast conventional felt flat roofs and flat roofing materials by many decades. Our system has a proven life expectancy in excess of 50 years and comes with a 25 Year Guarantee. Additionally an optional 20 year insurance backed guarantee provides total peace of mind on all domestic flat roof installations.

The Thermal flat roof system provides a flat roof that is guaranteed not to Leak no matter what the weather has in store. Included in our price is a Flat Roof insulation layer that adds warmth and comfort to your home and of course reduces heating costs and your carbon footprint from Thermal Roof Insulated properties.

Increase Warmth In Winter

Our services can increase the warmth in your home during winter

Reduces Overheating in Summer

Our services can reduces overheating in the summer

Reduces Condensation

Our services can reduce condensation in your home

Strong Enough to Walk On

Our roofing is strong enough to walk on

Maintenance Free Roofs

Our services offer maintenance free roofs

No More Leaking Roofs

No more leaking roofs with our services

Moss Resistant Roof

Our roofing is moss resistant

The Thermal Flat Roof System

Guaranteed Not To Leak no matter what the weather has in store


Our customers can have complete confidence that their roof installation will be carried out with the utmost care and Professionalism, ensuring total peace of mind. We also have hundreds of Testimonials that are also available on request.



 FLAT ROOF PROBLEMS?   Let us make them a thing of the Past. 

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